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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FHM Model Drags Her Police Director Boss Into A Disgusting Controversy

Corruption! Corruption! Corruption! Every now amd then you will get to hear this word whether on TV, radio, or even media streaming websites. Just like my previous  post, most of us are as guilty as those corrupt public officials. Why? Because we are the ones who encourage them to do such disgusting things.

Recently, an FHM model named Alyssa Agustin was involved in a very controversial post on her own facebook account. The model was said to have posted that she got away with a traffic violation because of her boss Alexander Ignacio who happens to be a police director. He is police director for plans based in Camp Crame.

So really Miss Agustin? You are proud that you have intentionally violated a trafffic law that you even posted it online!? What kind of a person are you? You should have at least used your brains not your boobs when you posted it. What were you thinking!? You did not only ruined your career but you also dragged the director's name into this.

Not that I would say he is innocent on this matter. My question however is, was he really aware of this? Did he really tell you to use his name in your disgusting act? Maybe he did not or maybe he did. Whether he was the one who encouraged you to do this or not, I believe that the PNP should look into this matter right away. We can't have anyone in the office who can't even follow a simple traffic rule, knowing that it should be them helping the government in executing the law.

To the PNP, take this as a matter of urgency because more and more of these cancer will spread and eventually poison the entire organisation.

And to you Miss Agustin, shame on you!!!!

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