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Monday, September 29, 2014

Pilipino Hackers Hit Aegis Malaysia Website

Aegis Global Malaysia website was hacked by Pilipino hackers in retaliation for the derogatory video that Aegis Malaysia posted and went viral online. In the said video, the Philippines was pictured as an unwelcoming destination for BPO/Call Center companies due to several reasons. The video further promotes that Malaysia is more preferred than the Philippines in terms of support from government, infrastructures, security, and weather conditions.

The video has gathered all sorts of negative responses online. Aegis on the other hand, publicly apologised for the uploading if the video which it claimed did not get the approval of the corporate.

Whether it hasd been approved or not, the video was unethical and thus I personally would say that the hacking activity is good enough to let this people know that we don't take kindly to bullying. We, the Pilipinos are proud people, and it angered me as a Pilipino and an employee of one of the BPO's outsourcing in our country that a company like Aegis would say such a thing after exploiting our workforce. They grew here in the Philippines and comment such as what was in that video is unacceptable especially that it was against the very people who contributed a lot to their growth.

To those who did the hacking, thank you! Although people would say that it was wrong, I would personally express my gratitude for what you guys did. It will show the world what we can do. This is not the first that a Pilipino group spareheaded a hacking activity. We may not have as much technological advantage as the rest of the world, but we have a large number of talented individuals who can compete in the global arena.

China has also tasted our wrath since the Philippines - China stand off on disputed territories. This will serve as a warning to other nation who sees Pilipinos as inferior. We are peace loving but we will not take kindly to bullying and oppression!


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