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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Media: The Sweet Poison

Media refer to the means of mass communications; especially television, radio, news paper, and the internet. Each of these reaches millions of people everyday to bring them information about anything, new ideas, current events, entertainment, etc. The media have indeed helped people get connected in so many ways; impart them knowledge which was otherwise not easy to obtain some number of years ago; and entertain them more than they could imagine.

Yes, media have indeed brought good things to the lives of so many, yet amidst all these good things, evil lurks. The lives of those who have benefited from it are in so much danger of destruction. This is the truth that most people would ignore until they realize they or someone they love has fallen victim to deception.

Let us take for example internet. There is not doubt that internet has connected the world more than any other means of mass communications. Millions and millions of information are being uploaded online everyday; information accessible to anyone including your innocent child. Parents should take extra precautions when letting their child access the internet for whatever reasons. Pornography, violence, sexual deviations, immoral relationships, murder, theft, drug addiction, alcohol, etc., these are all available online for free! Do you really want your innocent child to access these information online?

Now why don't we take a look at Facebook. I bet that most, if not all people in the house have a Facebook account. What do we see in Facebook nowadays? Are they not posts about hatred, murder, rape, pornography, violence, immoral behaviors, and the like? Have you not seen people bashing other people in Facebook and calling each other names and cursing them? Is this really the kind of environment you would like to child to experience?

Why go any further? Look at our home entertainment, television. Yes, the television that everyone loves! Telenovelas, movies, talk shows, variety shows etc. are all so very entertaining, are they not?Yes of course, until you realize that these things have slowly been polluting the mind of your child and even yours! What are the usual themes of the most watched telenovelas? Are they not murder, vengeance, adultery, and many more of this sort? So is this the kind of shows you want your child to see every single day?

How about movies? What kind of movies do most people like? Are they not about witchcraft and sorcery, war and other forms of violence, horror and demons, and many more of this nature? Are these the same movies we have at home? How could we teach our children that violence isn't good or witchcraft is forbidden when we ourselves patronize movies of this theme?

Let's talk about music. Many say that music is food for the soul and most people believe this. The ironic things is most people seem to feed their souls with unhealthy music! Isn't that we eat good food to stay healthy? Why then do we feed our soul with rotten songs or musics? Lady Gaga for example, how many people, both young and old patronize her and her songs? Let me make this clear that I don't just talk about lady Gaga because there are a lot more out there. In fact, too many to mention! Are these not music that connotes sex, drugs, violence, adultery, deviant sexual behavior, and more of this nature? If so, is this the kind of food you or you would want to child to feed on?

Think again all of you who are reading this. Do not let the media ruin yours or your children's lives. The media is comparable to that of a sweet poison. As sweet as it is, death befalls upon those who take it!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Federalism and Mindanao

Federalism is a form of government that ensures the division of power between national and local governing units. Compared to unitary form of government where most of the decisions come from the one central body, Federalism could allow local governing units to legislate laws concerning peace and order, taxation, marriage, education and health, infrastructure, and a whole lot more for as long as stated in the constitution. This coupled with the power to execute them within their areas of responsibility makes local governing units highly accountable for the growth and development of their constituencies.

Considering the above view, Federalism is the most appropriate form of government for the Philippines. Allow me to support my claim by discussing its advantages in relation to the Philippine setting.
NAIA Express Way

The Philippines is an archipelago of more than seven thousand islands inhabited by a number of ethnolinguistic nations; each has its own beliefs and traditions. For a government to run such a vast territory divided by seas and cultural differences has been proven, time and again,to be futile. Federalism is expected to resolve this by bringing the governing body as close to the problem as possible.

In terms of legislation, the current house of representatives has this authority. However, legislation passed are more focused on issues of national concern. I am not saying this is wrong but this setup results to local issues being set aside as if those weren't important at all. Federalism is expected to address this by giving the local governing bodies the power to legislate laws pertaining to issues that concern their constituency alone while the national government retains its authority to legislate laws to address issues of national level. This will ensure that laws passed will serve its purpose.

Another very controversial subject when talking about Federalism is taxation. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte himself made mention of this during the presidential debate that was hosted by GMA Network. He said that out of all the millions and millions of taxes collected from Mindanao, only a small percentage comes back to Mindanao to finance its development projects. Most of the infrastructure projects are concentrated in Luzon. 

 Mindanao's roads. (Photo by Allan Barredo )
Mindanao and the Visayas region have contributed so much to the economy of the Philippines but what have we got? Nothing but humiliation because people from Imperialist Manila are looking down at us. You all need to understand that Metro Manila is what it is now because of our people's sweat! Federalism, is expected to address this by giving the local authority enough power to come up with local taxation laws. redistribution, and spending policies. This will make sure that each state or local governing body gets the most out of its taxes.

Federalism is the key for us Mindanaoans to free ourselves from the grip of Imperialist Manila. It is about time that we stand up and fight for what is rightfully ours and for the future of our children.

Note: Views expressed in this blog are mine alone. It may or may not necessarily represent your view of Federalism and how it is expected to resolve our current issues in Mindanao. Please feel free to provide your own views.

Photos being used in this blog are not mine. If you are the owner of any of the photos being used, please feel free to comment so proper credit will be given to you.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Smarter Gadgets and Dumber People

There is no doubt that humans have indeed evolved into who we are today. Our experiences, our visions from the past which is now our reality; and the discoveries we have perfected, all have contributed to who we are now.

Yes, we have developed ways to make our lives easier; we have developed ways to communicate more with people from all over the world; we have device ways to travel faster; indeed we have made a bridge to fill the gap between us all. However, in spite of all these things, we are iving less and less connected with each other. Are you wondering why?

Let us take a look at how those things we have created have slowly destroyed the very purpose for which they were made. Cellphone for instance. Our phones are indeed getting smarter but because of this, we are getting dumber. A cellphone is use so we get to communicate with people. That's the very purpose of it, communications.

Ironically, people are getting more and more isolated from the rest of the world because of cellphones. We go to a party but we don't socialise with people anymore because we are too focused on our cellphone screens. Wether we play games, surf the web, or do something else with our phone, the fact that it draws us away from socialising with others is unquestioned.

I personally have experienced this. There was one time when I was in the office with the rest of my co workers. The room was so quiet. We were not talking not because we were busy doing our work but because we were so busy staring at our indvidual phones.

Look at your kids today. What have they been doing aside from going to school? Do you see them talking to your neighbors their age? Do you still see lots of kids playing outside?

Let us take a look at social networking websites like facebook, twitter, or google plus, etc. Those websites were made to connect people. Yes, indeed they have connected people. They have connected people in a virtual world! How many friends do you have in your facebook account? How many of them you know personally? Do have a friend in facebook that when both of you are online, you seem so close and comfortable with each other? You talk online but when you see each other at work, or while shopping, or at school, you just don't even have the guts to talk or even smile at all. It's true, isn't it?

It seems that people nowadays are socialising in a virtual world only. We have created our own world through the internet, through our phones, through our means of communication. You may not have noticed the very impact of these virtual worlds to our own reality. But let me tell you, it is scarey.

It affects the very nature of human beings. By being trapped in a virtual world, we lost our sense of what is real and what is not. We lost our interpersonal skills. We don't know how to deal with real people anymore when a situation calls for it because we are used to dealing with virtual people only.

Our technology is indeed getting smarter while we humans are getting dumber.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Poor Philippines - What Has Become Of You?

A country of abundant natural  resources; a nation of talented people; a diverse culture; people of rich history; a once proud nation that has become close to a laughing stock of its neighbors.

Philippines, pearl of the orient seas, what has become of you? Your glory is gone and all you have now is nothing but a joke! You have become a victim of greed amongst your own people. They exploit your natural wealth and you have sacrificed a lot of your natural beauty, and for what? Look! You have sacrificed so much only to see the majority of your people suffer. Suffer in the hands the parasites thriving within you. A parasite that slowly sucks the life out of you and your beloved people!

Look Philippines!Can't you see them coming? More parasites are on their way to exploit you more. They will not stop until you have nothing left. They will not stop for their hunger and thirst and greed can never be satisfied. What has become of you now? Why did you not protect yourself from them? Why have you let them do such horrible things towards you? Please do something before it is too late. I will help you get rid of them but I can't do this alone. You need to help yourself too oh my dear Philippines.

Let your fire devour these filthy, close to nothing creatures, and turn them into ashes. Let the strong winds from all directions scatter their ashes in all places so that whatever they have taken from you they will return with all their blood. Whatever life they have taken from your people, they will pay with their own! Let the worms rejoice for they have something to feast upon. They can feast on the very creature who because of their greed feasted on you and your people until nothing is left. They can feast on the creature who drained your blood and your peoples blood. 

Let your water drown the others the fire will not consume. Let them drink and drink until they burst for their thirst of wealth can not be satisfied. Therefore let your water judge them to their death! Let the creatures of the water feast on them.For their greed has consumed the life of your people and even your own, they shall pay what they have stolen with their own life! Let be death through water their punishment!

And if the waters will not be enough to drown them all for there is just too many of them, let your land open its mouth and swallow them to its never ending pit! Or if you wish, let the stones grind them so they will be part of the soil and the trees can feast on them also. For the have stolen the life of your people and your own because of their greed, they will therefore pay it with their own.

Oh Philippines, I dare not threaten you but take this as an advice. Many of them are coming and most of them are twice as greedy as those who came before them. Take my advice therefore and do something to stop them before it is too late. For when these creatures land on your fertile soil, they will grow and they will grow fast, and just like a parasitic vine..they will choke you to death!

Beware therefore of the Binays for they have grown really strong now. It will be a difficult battle for you. The seeds are everywhere and are growing, in fact they have already started choking you. Have you not seen this coming? Beware of Purisima too, for he is clinging on a strong tree. Should it be hard for you to remove him out of the tree, cut down the tree and the vine will have nothing to cling on to. They both will die eventually.

My beloved Philippines, what has become of you? Why have you let these things come to pass? More and more of these parasites will come and it shall be a tough battle ahead of you. Prepare now by getting rid of the ones who are already here!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Terrorist Group Abu Sayyaf Supports the Barbaric ISIS/ISIL in the Middle East

The Abu Sayyaf group based  in the Southern region of the Philippines is one of the most wanted terrorist group in Asia and the world. The group has been involved in so many kidnapping activities in the region and most of the victims are foreigners.

Just recently, the group kidnapped two German nationals, Dr. Stefan Viktor Okonek, 74, and Henrike Dielen, 55, and threatened to kill them if their demands will not be met. They demanded that they will be given Php250 million and that the German government stops its support on US targeting the Islamic militant group ISIS in the Middle East region. The government is given until October 17. Failure to comply with their demands will result in the beheading of one of the two captives.

Here we go again! When can we get rid of all of these pests in our region? These bastard Abu Sayyaf, I thought we already have exterminated them when our government had their all out offensive against these pests. I was shocked that they will emerge again and this time, not just with hostages, but with gestures of support to a much more extreme group in the chaotic Middle East. This is even more alarming than the kidnapping activities.

If these continues, we would expect that these extremely dangerous group would go around beheading non Muslims in the area or forcing them to convert just as what their counterparts in the Middle East is doing. The government should as early as now device a plan to exterminate them once and for all because our own country will become as chaotic as Iraq and Syria. We all can't afford to have this group in our area, not in Mindanao, not in Luzon, or Visayas. We have to stop them no matter what the cost is. If the government will have to spend millions of pesos to kill all of these pest including everyone who supports them, please do. I would be happy to see our country with less highways, or beautiful government buildings as long as we don't have any of these groups present our society. Millions or Billions will be worth spending if the goal is to kill them all pests!

We will never progress as a country as long as we have them among us. We will never progress as a nation as long as we have extremist groups who will divide us! The only way we become a strong as a nation is to get rid of the cancer within us.

And to the government, will you stop all your nonsense and selfish fights? While all of you are busy with your own political and and selfish interest, cancers in our society are destroying us from within! You should all wake up! This issue is not something new but we haven't really resolved them yet, have we? You should be ashamed of your selves!

And to you Abu Sayyaf, you are not even worthy of being called human beings! You are worst than pests; worst than parasitic worms; worst than filth! You support ISIS? Why don't you go out there and fight alongside with those bastards? I would be happy to see you all scattered into pieces and vultures feasting on your remains.! You kidnap people for money and because their government supports the extermination of your beloved Sunni extremist?How about our government holding your families captive because you are a terrorist? That's fair enough, isn't it? After all, you yourselves are doing it.

I can't really wait to see you all torn into pieces, you pests! Mamatay na sana kayo lahat and lahat nang sumosuporta sa inyo. Pati na rin siguro pamilya niyo, mamatay na rin para maubos na talaga kayo ng tuluyan! Mga walang hiya. Mga halang ang kaluluwa. Masahol pa kayo sa hayop! Mga peste kayo sa bansa natin. Kung wala kayo magwang mabuti, mag pakamatay nalang kayo!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FHM Model Drags Her Police Director Boss Into A Disgusting Controversy

Corruption! Corruption! Corruption! Every now amd then you will get to hear this word whether on TV, radio, or even media streaming websites. Just like my previous  post, most of us are as guilty as those corrupt public officials. Why? Because we are the ones who encourage them to do such disgusting things.

Recently, an FHM model named Alyssa Agustin was involved in a very controversial post on her own facebook account. The model was said to have posted that she got away with a traffic violation because of her boss Alexander Ignacio who happens to be a police director. He is police director for plans based in Camp Crame.

So really Miss Agustin? You are proud that you have intentionally violated a trafffic law that you even posted it online!? What kind of a person are you? You should have at least used your brains not your boobs when you posted it. What were you thinking!? You did not only ruined your career but you also dragged the director's name into this.

Not that I would say he is innocent on this matter. My question however is, was he really aware of this? Did he really tell you to use his name in your disgusting act? Maybe he did not or maybe he did. Whether he was the one who encouraged you to do this or not, I believe that the PNP should look into this matter right away. We can't have anyone in the office who can't even follow a simple traffic rule, knowing that it should be them helping the government in executing the law.

To the PNP, take this as a matter of urgency because more and more of these cancer will spread and eventually poison the entire organisation.

And to you Miss Agustin, shame on you!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Pilipino Hackers Hit Aegis Malaysia Website

Aegis Global Malaysia website was hacked by Pilipino hackers in retaliation for the derogatory video that Aegis Malaysia posted and went viral online. In the said video, the Philippines was pictured as an unwelcoming destination for BPO/Call Center companies due to several reasons. The video further promotes that Malaysia is more preferred than the Philippines in terms of support from government, infrastructures, security, and weather conditions.

The video has gathered all sorts of negative responses online. Aegis on the other hand, publicly apologised for the uploading if the video which it claimed did not get the approval of the corporate.

Whether it hasd been approved or not, the video was unethical and thus I personally would say that the hacking activity is good enough to let this people know that we don't take kindly to bullying. We, the Pilipinos are proud people, and it angered me as a Pilipino and an employee of one of the BPO's outsourcing in our country that a company like Aegis would say such a thing after exploiting our workforce. They grew here in the Philippines and comment such as what was in that video is unacceptable especially that it was against the very people who contributed a lot to their growth.

To those who did the hacking, thank you! Although people would say that it was wrong, I would personally express my gratitude for what you guys did. It will show the world what we can do. This is not the first that a Pilipino group spareheaded a hacking activity. We may not have as much technological advantage as the rest of the world, but we have a large number of talented individuals who can compete in the global arena.

China has also tasted our wrath since the Philippines - China stand off on disputed territories. This will serve as a warning to other nation who sees Pilipinos as inferior. We are peace loving but we will not take kindly to bullying and oppression!