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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Terrorist Group Abu Sayyaf Supports the Barbaric ISIS/ISIL in the Middle East

The Abu Sayyaf group based  in the Southern region of the Philippines is one of the most wanted terrorist group in Asia and the world. The group has been involved in so many kidnapping activities in the region and most of the victims are foreigners.

Just recently, the group kidnapped two German nationals, Dr. Stefan Viktor Okonek, 74, and Henrike Dielen, 55, and threatened to kill them if their demands will not be met. They demanded that they will be given Php250 million and that the German government stops its support on US targeting the Islamic militant group ISIS in the Middle East region. The government is given until October 17. Failure to comply with their demands will result in the beheading of one of the two captives.

Here we go again! When can we get rid of all of these pests in our region? These bastard Abu Sayyaf, I thought we already have exterminated them when our government had their all out offensive against these pests. I was shocked that they will emerge again and this time, not just with hostages, but with gestures of support to a much more extreme group in the chaotic Middle East. This is even more alarming than the kidnapping activities.

If these continues, we would expect that these extremely dangerous group would go around beheading non Muslims in the area or forcing them to convert just as what their counterparts in the Middle East is doing. The government should as early as now device a plan to exterminate them once and for all because our own country will become as chaotic as Iraq and Syria. We all can't afford to have this group in our area, not in Mindanao, not in Luzon, or Visayas. We have to stop them no matter what the cost is. If the government will have to spend millions of pesos to kill all of these pest including everyone who supports them, please do. I would be happy to see our country with less highways, or beautiful government buildings as long as we don't have any of these groups present our society. Millions or Billions will be worth spending if the goal is to kill them all pests!

We will never progress as a country as long as we have them among us. We will never progress as a nation as long as we have extremist groups who will divide us! The only way we become a strong as a nation is to get rid of the cancer within us.

And to the government, will you stop all your nonsense and selfish fights? While all of you are busy with your own political and and selfish interest, cancers in our society are destroying us from within! You should all wake up! This issue is not something new but we haven't really resolved them yet, have we? You should be ashamed of your selves!

And to you Abu Sayyaf, you are not even worthy of being called human beings! You are worst than pests; worst than parasitic worms; worst than filth! You support ISIS? Why don't you go out there and fight alongside with those bastards? I would be happy to see you all scattered into pieces and vultures feasting on your remains.! You kidnap people for money and because their government supports the extermination of your beloved Sunni extremist?How about our government holding your families captive because you are a terrorist? That's fair enough, isn't it? After all, you yourselves are doing it.

I can't really wait to see you all torn into pieces, you pests! Mamatay na sana kayo lahat and lahat nang sumosuporta sa inyo. Pati na rin siguro pamilya niyo, mamatay na rin para maubos na talaga kayo ng tuluyan! Mga walang hiya. Mga halang ang kaluluwa. Masahol pa kayo sa hayop! Mga peste kayo sa bansa natin. Kung wala kayo magwang mabuti, mag pakamatay nalang kayo!

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