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Friday, September 26, 2014

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You But Rather What You Can Do For Your Country

Whether you turn on the television or the radio; or you surf the web; or simply read a news paper, you are likely to come across a report regarding people complaining about a lot of things. It could be a complaint about the weather condition, it could be a complaint about the traffic jams that we get to encounter almost everyday, or about people's miserable life. However, nothing is more ridiculous than a complaint about something that we ourselves could have prevented from happening had we chose to be come responsible individual.

Take for instance, a crowd shouting in the streets complaining about corrupt individual politicians. They say no to corruption! No to political dynasty! Step down because you have not really done something to improve our lives and the governance in general! You know what I think of them? They are hypocrites!

People love complaining about corruption but let us see who encourages corruption in the first place. How many politicians have been found to have spent the money of the country to their own benefit? How many politicians have been found to have stolen millions of pesos from the country's treasury?
And how many millions of stupid people voted for the same politician to run for public office? How many millions of stupid voters voted for the son, daughter, brother, sister, or wife a corrupt politician when they run for office? Let me ask you, are you one of those stupid voters? If you are, then you have just encouraged corruption by not exercising due diligence in practicing your right to vote.

People hates corruption. Indeed we all do. But have we assessed ourselves to make sure that we are doing things to stop it or at least not encouraging it instead? Let us take another example, someone was caught committing traffic violation. When reprimanded by the traffic officer, the person was trying hard to explain or find excuses to justify his violation. To just get away it, the person tried to offer a monetary favour to the officer so that in return, the officer will just let him get away with his violation.
Question: Are you one of those? If you are, then hypocrite! How can you expect to stop corruption in this miserable country when you yourself is the one encouraging them?

We love to complain indeed. If we see that a bill is being passed that would threaten our freedom, we go to streets and exercise our rights to protest; we file all sorts of protest in our bodies of the government which we believe has jurisdiction over the matter. But most of us, if not all are so irresponsible in doing our part to the country. There would not be any laws too harsh, if we just follow the basic ones and be responsible citizens of this country.

Allow me to cite and example, anti littering ordinances. Tell me, how many of you here are guilty of just throwing your rubbish anywhere like empty bottles, candy wrappers, even your chewing gum? I bet all of us are. You see? These are but simple things that we missed to do. Do you honestly think that there is no need for such ordinances? Fools! If you can't follow a simple ordinance as simply as being responsible in garbage disposal, don't expect expect a government to be lenient on you!

You keep asking the government, where is our money? What happens to the budget of the government? Really now? Let me ask you a question, who among you here have purchase any item in a business establishment that doesn't issue an official receipt? Did you even bother asking for it? Who among you here who runs a business that will do everything they can to avoid paying taxes? Parasites!You want the government to help but you don't want to help your government in return. Pay your taxes first and be a citizen before you keep asking what your country can do for you! Be responsible!

A lot of people are complaining because they say the government is not doing anything to alleviate them from poverty. The say they don't have a house yet. They say don't have a job yet! Given those conditions, they say the country's economy has not improved. Ignorant! Progress doesn't happen overnight. You can't expect to land a job when you are just sitting there doing nothing but talk about your neighbor's life. It is not the government task's to give you house nor it is the government's task to feed you all your life. The government will do its part to make sure that we have the opportunity to land a job and support ourselves.

You? Have you asked yourself what you task is? Have you forgotten the saying.. “ don't ask what your country can do for you but rather ask what you can do for your country " ?

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