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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Middle East Chaos

What is my opinion regarding the conflict in the Middle East? For us to understand what really is going on in the Middle East, we need to learn about the geography of the region; the culture of the people; their religions and religious differences; the history of the place; and the politics surrounding the area including its international relations; and all other things about it. These are significant things to the understanding of why the region is in such turmoil today.

First of, the middle east covers such a vast land area which is mostly part of the continent of Asia. This area consists of quite a few number of countries including but not limited to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, and Lebanon. The reason why I specifically mentioned these places is due to the fact that these places play a huge part in the politics of the region.

The world's three major Abrahamic religion was founded and is still present in the Middle East. When I say religion, it includes all sects of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. For thousands of years, these three has been living in the same area with not conflict or at least minimal if there is any. These three religions roots its origins back to the old prophets mentioned in its respective books, the Torah of the Jews; the Bible of the Christians; and the Qur'an of the Muslims.

This region, just like any other places of the world with the exception of a few, did not escape from colonization. Colonized by the British, Americans, and Russians. Not to mention the fact that this has been a stage for major wars in history too.

That being said, we would understand that each group of people or country may have gone through some tough times in the hands of their colonizers or enemies. As a result, each has exerted lots of efforts to strengthen its military. Dictators, religious leaders, political leaders, and the like arise with the purpose of uplifting the pride of their people and country. This is not bad, isn't it?
However, each of this country sees another as a threat as in the case of Saddam Hussein and the rest of the Arab countries. Today, Assad is also seen as a threat to the rest of the middle east. It is normal, given the long history of conflict in the region.But what makes this a huge of an issue is the interference of the west in the affairs of these sovereign states. Why does the west have to interfere? They have to make sure that their interest in the region, both political and economic, are protected.

The US and Britain, have to continually exert a lot of effort and money to maintain allies in the region. We have Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Why? This is so these countries can check the growing strength of those countries, the US and the west considers to be a threat to them. We have Iran which has a closer ties with Russia. Iraq which was run by anti US government and Syria too which is run by a dictator. If these western powers do not interfere in the politics of the region, they will lose their influence which is fatal to both their economic and political interests.

So how do they do it? By Simply fueling the conflict! Supposed we have Syria which is run by an anti US government, and Syria's government has enemies within. What the west does is to support its enemies so that it will grow strong to destabilize the present government. When it happens, conflict and chaos arise so that the "hero" of the world can come into the picture.

This is exactly the same shit they do in all places of the world just like in Asia. They hate China because it has grown so strong that it becomes a threat to them. This is the reason why, they have close ties with Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines.When a country or group of countries become so strong, it becomes a threat to them. So what they do is create conflict and have these countries fight against each other. This exactly is the real issue in the middle east.

The conflict was not really about religion. Those bastards only uses religion so they can gather the support of the masses. There is no better way to rally an army than by telling them they will be fighting for God. Learn from the crusades. They made it sound religious but it was economic and political in nature.

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