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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Automated Election

The governmnent is trying to lessen if not to totally stop fraud and all election related anomalies. Thus, they have device a what they call automated election. Is this really what we are waiting for to stop this election fraud? Well, maybe yes...maybe not!
Election in the Philippines is far more terrible than our counterparts in Southeast Asia and the west. We have all sorts of people trying to secure a position in public office. We have all sorts of corrupt officials who are already holding the position. We have all sorts of election/politics related violence....murder, kidnapping, ballot snatching, tampering of it, you can find it here! This is what's going on in this country once considered the pearl of the orient seas. This is what's going on in this country which ironically calls itself a democratic one.
I grew up in a certain place in Lanao del Sur. I have witnessed all kinds of election related violence and crime. I know that these people who thirst for power and wealth will do whatever it takes to maintain such. They will device a political dysnasty, maintain a private army, grab lands from the poor, blackmail, threats....all posible ways they could think of. These people are montsters!
During elections, these monsters will jeopardize the counting/canvassing of votes....tamper the result and get what they want. But now, with the automated election that goverment has deviced, chances for occurence of such will be lessened if not totally stopped. However, base on my experiences, this may not work well in Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao. You must be wondering why and how is it that this is just not going to work.
What they do out there is they will fill out the ballots the day or the night before the election. When the election day comes, they will distribute the ballots with some positions (mayor or vice mayor)already filled out. Voters couldn't say a thing, or else they will put themselves or their family in danger. The automated election they are talking about is more suitable for checking anomalies usually done during the counting/canvassing of ballots. What if cheating/fraud has been done prior to the counting?
The people who device this automated election must not have known how the cheaters did it. Had they known this before, they could have done something better than what they have now.

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