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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Poor Philippines - What Has Become Of You?

A country of abundant natural  resources; a nation of talented people; a diverse culture; people of rich history; a once proud nation that has become close to a laughing stock of its neighbors.

Philippines, pearl of the orient seas, what has become of you? Your glory is gone and all you have now is nothing but a joke! You have become a victim of greed amongst your own people. They exploit your natural wealth and you have sacrificed a lot of your natural beauty, and for what? Look! You have sacrificed so much only to see the majority of your people suffer. Suffer in the hands the parasites thriving within you. A parasite that slowly sucks the life out of you and your beloved people!

Look Philippines!Can't you see them coming? More parasites are on their way to exploit you more. They will not stop until you have nothing left. They will not stop for their hunger and thirst and greed can never be satisfied. What has become of you now? Why did you not protect yourself from them? Why have you let them do such horrible things towards you? Please do something before it is too late. I will help you get rid of them but I can't do this alone. You need to help yourself too oh my dear Philippines.

Let your fire devour these filthy, close to nothing creatures, and turn them into ashes. Let the strong winds from all directions scatter their ashes in all places so that whatever they have taken from you they will return with all their blood. Whatever life they have taken from your people, they will pay with their own! Let the worms rejoice for they have something to feast upon. They can feast on the very creature who because of their greed feasted on you and your people until nothing is left. They can feast on the creature who drained your blood and your peoples blood. 

Let your water drown the others the fire will not consume. Let them drink and drink until they burst for their thirst of wealth can not be satisfied. Therefore let your water judge them to their death! Let the creatures of the water feast on them.For their greed has consumed the life of your people and even your own, they shall pay what they have stolen with their own life! Let be death through water their punishment!

And if the waters will not be enough to drown them all for there is just too many of them, let your land open its mouth and swallow them to its never ending pit! Or if you wish, let the stones grind them so they will be part of the soil and the trees can feast on them also. For the have stolen the life of your people and your own because of their greed, they will therefore pay it with their own.

Oh Philippines, I dare not threaten you but take this as an advice. Many of them are coming and most of them are twice as greedy as those who came before them. Take my advice therefore and do something to stop them before it is too late. For when these creatures land on your fertile soil, they will grow and they will grow fast, and just like a parasitic vine..they will choke you to death!

Beware therefore of the Binays for they have grown really strong now. It will be a difficult battle for you. The seeds are everywhere and are growing, in fact they have already started choking you. Have you not seen this coming? Beware of Purisima too, for he is clinging on a strong tree. Should it be hard for you to remove him out of the tree, cut down the tree and the vine will have nothing to cling on to. They both will die eventually.

My beloved Philippines, what has become of you? Why have you let these things come to pass? More and more of these parasites will come and it shall be a tough battle ahead of you. Prepare now by getting rid of the ones who are already here!

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